Challenging the “5 seconds” rule!

GAMOMAT developed a feature that challenges gameplay-requirement from the new German guidelines for online gambling

Germany will allow online gambling only under the strict regulatory framework of the Glücksspielneuregulierungsstaatsvertrag, or Interstate Gambling New Regulation Treaty. This treaty will introduce some provisions as well as some restrictions that may significantly influence the slot player’s gaming experience

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The provisions dealing with game transparency are:

  • Rules of the game, along with the paytable, have to be easily accessible and clearly understandable
  • Probability of winning the maximum prize and the game’s average payout have to be clearly visible on the slot face at all times

These provisions are not interfering with the way players experience the game. There are also the following restrictions:

  • Each game (i.e. bet) must last 5 seconds
  • Maximum bet per game is 1 EUR
  • No autoplay and no jackpot side games
  • After an hour of playtime, the game must pause for 5 minutes and provide the player with a summary of bets, wins and losses

EXPLAINER VIDEO German Guidelines Explained

One bet, two spins – introducing the DOUBLE RUSH

GAMOMAT is introducing a feature, which will provide the player with a fluent and connected gameplay experience while being compliant with the new 5-second spin duration.

In DOUBLE RUSH slots, all bets are split into two spins. In other words, whenever a player makes a play, i.e. presses PLAY and places the bet, TWO spins play one after another, filling the timeframe. The possible winnings of the first spin and the possible winnings of the second spin are combined into the TOTAL winning of the bet. It is also worth noting that DOUBLE RUSH does not influence RTP percentage or Max Win amount.


Slot game usually takes between 2 to 3 seconds.

Some players even prefer the turbo game which displays the results immediately, without the reel-spin animation.

Gamomat’s Double Rush promotional video

DOUBLE RUSH therefore effectively abides by the rules of the new regulations while maintaining the game pace slot players are accustomed to. With two spins playing under one bet, the game (bet) won’t feel like it lasts 5 seconds. The two spins may last even longer when the anticipation feature kicks in, but players certainly won’t feel that one as a drag.

Check out the release dates for the DOUBLE RUSH variation of GAMOMAT slot games below.


TRIPLE RUSH offers players the thrilling experience of enjoying three spins from just one bet. TRIPLE RUSH limits stake size to 1 €, has no effect on individual game RTP or the maximum player return. The only GAMOMAT TRIPLE RUSH game is Take 5. 

DOUBLE RUSH Roadmap Q1 2021

Live from 19. 1. 2021

Release of additional two DOUBLE RUSH games and one TRIPLE RUSH game.

Live from 26. 1. 2021




2020 Live from 15. 12. 2020

Release of three DOUBLE RUSH games including new Promo-Packages

DOUBLE RUSH Roadmap Q4 2020

Live from 22. 12. 2020

Release of three DOUBLE RUSH games including new Promo-Packages

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