Anja Bajde

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Anja Bajde

Head of platform product

Anja has been working for Oryx since she was a student. She started her career as a Customer Support Agent and later got promoted to her current role as Head of Platform product.

I joined Oryx in my student years. As I applied for the position of an online casino customer supporter, I was sure that this will only be a temporary stint. The 24/7 service had me cycling three shifts all days of the year, which wasn’t exactly my idea of a dream job. But on the other hand, it was a lot of fun, after all, getting paid for “chatting with players” doesn’t sound that bad.

Fun and relaxed working environment

Then I started to appreciate the not-so-subtle details of my working environment: the office atmosphere was unbelievably relaxed and fun, my co-workers were very sociable, easy going, and had a great sense of humor. The players were also very chatty and friendly, despite the varying success they might be having with the games at any given moment – as if winning was not their main concern.

The customer supporter position indeed turned out to be a temporary one as I got promoted. The experience I got was invaluable though. The tools I was working with at the time – the back office and chat tool – were both in-house products and I got to know them inside out, plus I was on top of every new feature that was being developed as the tools were being perfected.

Customer support insights

I really got to know the players too, both in general, their characters, their education and profession, their states of mind, how they communicate, what their interests are, and specifically, why they gamble, how they respond to certain promotions, approaches and marketing strategies, and most of all, what they like or dislike about our products and services, what they are missing and so on.

In turn, they have helped me develop, hone and polish my own communication skills, which included the most valuable lesson of them all, keeping my temper. I learned the golden rule of communicating with customers: never be rude. Never be rude to your customer or client even when they are rude, unfair or offensive to you. It all has to do with the ego. I learned I could feed mine just as well by not confronting the bad-tempered players, but rather by taking their edge off. See things from their perspective, understand what it’s like to be in their shoes, and then apply my knowledge and insight to mend the situation.

Promotion and new challenges

After making my name known in customer support, I was offered a position of Fraud and Payments manager. What got me the promotion was my dedication, attention to detail, and a good sense for detecting player patterns related to fraud. My main assignment became monitoring and auditing activities of players online and processing their withdrawal requests. And just like that, I got familiar with the dark side of an online casino operation: fraud, abuse, money laundering. It is fascinating how dedicated fraudsters are, the amount of research and energy they invest in conning a business is staggering. One would think if they had invested half of that in an honest business, there is no way they wouldn’t make it. But I guess some people are just bent on playing against the rules, it’s their modus operandi. Well, my job was to stop them in their tracks before they could damage us, mastering more and more Oryx modules and tools in the process.

After a year in fraud, I’ve been promoted to Account Manager. This position fully utilized my self-engagement, commitment, and knowledge of foreign languages. I quickly expanded my insight into various departments and familiarized myself with all products and services Oryx Gaming offers to their clients.

The only way is up

As a supporter, I learned what players like and dislike about our products. As an Account Manager, I am now learning the same about our clients, the online casino owners. And so Oryx Gaming continues to fine-tune its products to the ever-growing number of customers, and I am part of its success, as anyone can be, regardless of the position they start with.

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