Matic Ketiš

Realizing childhood dreams

Matic Ketiš

Risk manager in Sportsbook team

We dream of what we will be when we grow up. Many of us develop in a direction we never thought about, and this can also be rewarding. But some get to realize those childhood dreams. Matic Ketiš, who works in our Sportsbook team, is one of those lucky people, and we are happy that he was able to do this at Oryx.

Growing up, I was always somehow connected to video games. They were, and still are, quite a large part of my life. But if you told me when I was still in my primary school years, playing Call of Duty, that someday I will be wanted for my knowledge about gaming, I would probably say that you must be joking. Yes, of course, it was always a dream that I would someday make a living with video games, but not until recently I believed I would ever. Life has a strange way of setting pieces into places, and the timing is almost always unpredictable.

Not long ago, my dear friend referred me to a job position, where they were looking to expand their team in the sportsbook department. Since Oryx Gaming is always trying to evolve and improve, they too did not miss out on the ever-growing eSports market. As a gamer, I have a lot of knowledge of the competitive side of video games. Even now, being passionate about eSports is not easy. You still get mocked about it from people who are not somehow connected to gaming or are unaware of how big a deal it has become worldwide.

At Oryx Gaming, I was welcomed with open hands to share my experience with eSports. How can someone, who hasn’t watched or played a single match of League of Legends, know what a sports betting market, called First Dragon means? Well, I am here to help with that. This is just an easy example to show, that I am not joking when I say my knowledge about gaming is appreciated at Oryx Gaming.

As a part of the sportsbook risk department, I am responsible for several tasks. We are constantly looking over partner sites, making sure they are working properly, and we keep them fresh with booking live odds and making banners for high profile matches and tournaments. New categories and tournaments are coming each day, so we are sorting them properly. Since our partners are mostly in South America, we need to pay attention to that everything is properly translated in Spanish. And of course, we are keeping an eye on bets being made, properly reacting when something is not working, or there are some suspicious bets in play. Daily, we are doing statistics for our operations and players. With testing our product on development environments, we are trying to find bugs, so when our product goes on live environments, it is as perfect as it can be.

Sportsbook risk department is constantly working on developing and upgrading our product, so as an eSports expert, I can also offer advice with developing eSports betting markets. I offer insight into which tournaments and leagues are most relevant, what markets in betting offer are mostly played, I try to provide information about certain events, when my team is struggling to find it, etc.

With all the good vibes I get by helping my team, I am encouraged to follow the eSport scene, even more, to learn more details about the scene, teams, games and tournament formats, so the whole department is prepared for all the challenges, that come our way. While doing my regular work, I am still able to stay connected with my passion for gaming and the eSports world. As I dreamed about making a living with video games, my dreams did come true in a way, right?

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