Oryx iGaming Platform/ PAM

Accelerate your growth, increase conversion rates, retention rates and player value with one of the leading iGaming Platforms for Casino, Sportsbook and Lottery. 

Product independent Player Account Management

Manage your entire product suite – casino, sportsbook and lottery – with a single account, single wallet, omni-channel and cross-product platform.

Understand your players

Target them with tailored promotions

Create excellent player experiences

Gain Long-term loyalty

360 degree in depth player overview

Develop advanced player segmentation, player profiling, loyalty schemes, customized offers & recommendations, targeted promotions, and boost your player engagement and loyalty.

The Oryx iGaming Platform features real-time and structured, transactional and gameplay data from internal (Oryx iGaming Platform, Oryx Hub, Oryx Sportsbook, Oryx Lottery) as well as third-party transactional systems, content and product providers, websites, etc. Combine this data and you get an exceptional overview of your player and you can provide your players an overall excellent and unforgettable experience on your online Casino, Sportbook, or Lottery web-site. Oryx analytics platform enables you a structured overview of

  • Transactional data: payment methods, types, amounts, frequency
  • Gameplay: most played games, game profitability, play frequency, game type
  • Web behavior data

Player engagement tools

Oryx iGP provides a wide range of tools for customized and targeted player engagement. Boost engagement, conversion and retention with:

  • Dynamic Multichannel Campaign Management
  • Loyalty points
  • Realtime CRM
  • Powerful Bonus system/engine
  • Recommendation engine
  • Real-time Leaderboards & Tournaments
  • Opt-in Tournaments
  • Mystery Jackpots
  • Push Notification
  • Achievements
  • Free rounds
  • Free spins
  • Quests


From simple signup bonuses to complex promotions, configure your promotions:

  • For multiple segments/microsegments or customized per player
  • For multiple games and/or providers at once
  • With multiple conditions- time-related, event-related, etc.

Real-time data on users, transaction and gameplay

The Oryx iGaming Platform features real-time and structured, transactional, and gameplay data. This enables operators to:

  • Engage with the right player at the right moment,
  • Offer promotions based on real-time player website actions,
  • Offer instantaneous awards,
  • Initiate chat at the right time, etc. While targeted promotions help bring players to the page, real-time data helps to make their experience on your page even more enjoyable.

Automated operational processes

Automate time-consuming processes, eliminate repetitive tasks, and free the team to focus more on strategy. Automated and scheduled processes enable a richer, more frequent, and customized interaction with players. This helps build your brand, improve the player journey, increase player engagement, and nurtures player loyalty.

Compliant with all major jurisdictions

Compliant with all major jurisdictions The Platform adheres to all the requirements of Responsible gaming regulations, Anti Money Laundering, Player Protection, etc.

  • Malta
  • USA
  • Schleswig Holstein
  • Croatia
  • Romania
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Serbia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia

Omni-channel and cross-product iGaming Platform

An omni-channel and cross-product platform that enables you to manage your entire product suite using one shared account and one wallet for casino, lottery, sportsbook, bingo, poker, and other operations.

Back office

Player Management

Automated KYC

Fully automated KYC processes with multi-level KYC checks which are executed on different player interaction points (e.g. registration, deposit/ withdrawal amount thresholds, etc). A high percentage of KYC checks can be completed smoothly and without operator interactions, enabling a massive volume of data processing.

Complete player insight – KYC

Through a single account across all products and channels, operators get a complete overview and history of player activities, transactions, balance, personal data.

Responsible gaming features

Offers player protection features such as deposit limits, play-time limits, loss limits and reality checks

Payments, Risk & Fraud

Full payment solution

Integrated with 70 payment solution providers offering all together up to 130 different payment methods.

Automated fraud and risk management

Includes player risk profile level and advanced rule engine for customization.

Advanced player engagement, promotions and CRM

All the necessary tools to build long-term relationships with your players, while providing custom offers and exciting campaigns for player conversion, retention and reactivation.

Deeply integrated chat

Connected linked with the platform, enables quick access to player data, to provide unrivaled player support, and even up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Bonus and wagering management

Bonus and wagering management: Automatically triggered bonuses for deposits and signup promotions, manual bonuses given to players by customer support, bonus code and many other flexible bonus configurations.

Loyalty and VIP management

VIP levels for different game limits, transaction limits, bonuses, levels of service, and predefined deposit amounts.

Dynamic Multi-channel Campaign Management

The days of sending out mass mailing and promotions and seeing what sticks are long gone. We inform your players only on topics relevant to their playing styles, using their channels of choice. Create automated or bespoke campaigns to maximize cross-selling opportunities to increase player value.

Data services

The Oryx Analytics Platform collects real-time data from internal as well as third-party systems.

It is a treasury of structured data and insights. Customized dashboards, regular and detailed reports of GGR, player value, player lifetime/player churn, conversion and retention rates, all financial, transaction and gaming KPIs, etc.

Deep dive into the data and gain the insights needed for data-based decision making. Develop advanced player segmentation, player profiling, loyalty schemes, recommendations, analyze game launch performance, campaign results, etc.

Learn more

Real time data on every aspect of your operation

Frontend desktop, mobile and CMS solution

Proprietary web CMS

Launch your operation in record time, using our proven CMS, which is tightly integrated with our platform, gaming-oriented and has a customizable template.



Work together with us to create a tailor-made web-site and web CMS for your operation.


Affiliate management system and portal

Build a highly productive relationship with your Affiliates with the help of multiple affiliation service with redirect or download links, direct marketing CDs, coupon codes, as well as real-time earning and payments reporting.

  • Multiple affiliation tools
  • Cupon codes
  • Redirect/download links
  • Redirect/download links

Retail operations

Online functionalities applied to landbased operations:

Shop management, Location management, Shift management, Transaction management, Cash management, Ticket management, Terminal management, Bet capture, Ticket capture, Voucher, Cash/Credit mode

POS / Kiosk system

The platform enables player management to retail operations – Full fledge retail solution seamlessly connected with the online operation, supporting both account-based and anonymous play.

Integrated landbased SSBT system

Service your online players through retail locations • Player registration tracking (by location) • Cash in/ Cash out through Cashdesk application • Vouchers support • Transaction overview by admin & location

Oryx Managed Services

Focus on long-term player loyalty

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