Kaiser: Marching boots, unstoppable tanks, and amusing animated characters


Today we are launching another amazing game from Peter & Sons – KAISER that will take us back to 1914 when the world is shaken by the rolling thunder of marching boots and waves of unstoppable tanks. The WWI mood in Kaiser is lifted by amazing cartoonish game art with humorous animated characters that brighten up the historically themed game.

Game art was created by Evgeny Viitman, who is the Art director at Peter & Sons.

Can you please share with us more about your artistic background and what inspired you to start working in the iGaming industry?

I’m coming from a family of artists – both of my parents are theatrical artists, costume and scene designers, so I grew and learned by observing them working. I started my career in game development in 2005, working as a 3D artist for Unigine and then moving from one company to another (Disney Mobile Games studio, Gameloft, GameDuell, Studio 49 … ), looking for something where I could exploit all my potential. It was difficult to work for big corporations because of the limitations and visual dictatorship 🙂 In 2017 I got an offer from Casumo to start working on casino games, and, to be honest, in the very beginning, I looked at the opportunity quite skeptically, as I saw it pretty downgrading to move from mobile mid/hardcore games to slot games. But then I saw this as an opportunity to bring my experience from mobile, add something new into the gambling games universe, and flavor it with innovative visuals. My 4 years journey at Casumo ended, and luckily, I got the opportunity to join this fantastic studio, Peter and Sons, where I have all the freedom to explore and create!

Kaiser is one of the latest additions from Peter & Sons. Can you tell us more about the creative process of making this game? 

This was a great experience! We had the idea to create something completely different. We decided to take Hasek’s “Brave Soldier Svejk” and try to make a very cartoony game about a soldier that doesn’t really care about his military career or war but is more interested in taking care of dogs. Then we brought in Brunhilda, a nurse, Schultz’s platonic love with her name tattooed on his hand, and also a hysterical general, the opposite to Schultz.

Many things are happening on the scene – the bombs are falling, and tanks are shooting, airplanes in the background, while the brave or silly Schultz remains unharmed and full of joy, collecting pieces of cheese and pretzels. 

Here is the first scribble we had for the game. 

We started to fill up the scene with animations. We had many more than what you see in the final product, but we had to cut it down to make it more panel-focused. It was indeed a lot of fun working on Kaiser! 

What future projects are you preparing for? What kind of projects motivate you the most and why?

We have plenty of new projects and different, cool ideas we are experimenting with. As a small teaser, I’m currently working on a Mayan-themed game with dancing shamans and aliens. I find new challenges very motivating, especially when I need to use my brain to not repeat myself and try to create something new and surprising. 

Meet brave soldier Schultz and give Kaiser game a spin here. More information about the game is also in the promo video.

Find other great games from Peter & Sons on this link.

More artwork from Evgeny Viitman on his Behance profile.


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