Managed Services

Focus on long-term player loyalty

Meet your players’ expectations and surpass them. Make every interaction with your casino, sportsbook or lottery operation – an exceptional experience. Start smart and work with a dedicated Oryx MS team.


Proven methods, offers and
incentives drive your players
from registration to deposit.


Custom promotions and precise communication techniques
target specific player segments
or even individual players.


Special reactivation toolkit
helps reduce churn and bring back players for good.


In more than 10 years of experience in online
casino, sportsbook and lottery operations, our
team has developed special methods of
customer interaction and support for building
genuine relationships.

When it comes to long-term loyalty, you simply have to know what works best and when. We do.

up to 80%

Signup-to-deposit ratio


Campaign open rate


Player lifetime value

Imagination is the limit – advanced player engagement

Our team uses daily Oryx’s wide range of marketing and player engagement tools to boost engagement, conversion and retention rates of our clients.

  • Multi-channel Campaign management tool
  • Comp points  (and player statuses)
  • Realtime CRM  (campaign system)
  • Powerful Bonus system/engine 
  • Recommendation engine 
  • Real-time Leaderboards & Tournaments 
  • Opt-in Tournaments
  • Mystery Jackpots 
  • Push Notification
  • Achievements
  • Free rounds
  • Free spins
  • Quests

Our player engagement products – developed and constantly upgraded in close cooperation with our Operational marketing experts – are a result of 10+ years of testing and improving a more and more efficient formula for maximizing values of all KPIs.

We base marketing efforts on data, not just interesting ideas

Oryx analytics platform is a treasury of structured data and insights that our marketing team uses to understand market specifics, know players and their preferences, in order to effectively segment, target and engage the players with tailor-made promotions.

  • Content Providers Data
  • Service Providers Data
  • Product Providers Data
  • Managment System Data
  • Sportsbook Data
  • Lottery Data
  • 3RD Party Transactional Systems Data
  • Website Data
  • iGaming Platform Transaction data, Player data
  • Oryx HUB Gameplay data

ORYX Analytics Platform

Quality over quantity – player communications

The days of sending out mass mailing and promotions and seeing what sticks are long gone. We inform your players only on topics relevant to their playing styles, using their channels of choice.

VIP Management

Recognize the significance of VIP players and devote them their well-deserved attention. VIPs stay when they feel recognized, respected, and appreciated. A personal touch and individual treatment are essential in building a strong relationship with a VIP.

Our team uses a systematic and data-driven approach to identifying and managing all types of VIPs, from amiable to the most demanding, all the while maintaining responsible gaming regulations.

It’s important to recognise the potential of a player to become a loyal high-roller and nurture the relationship early on.

Affiliate Management

We identify, analyse, evaluate and manage affiliates best suited for your brand and make sure you get the maximum results out of the affiliate programs. Our Affiliate managers closely monitor each customer’s target market and determine cooperation with most relevant affiliates for every market individually.

When it comes to the acquisition of new players, a good affiliate can make all the difference. We focus on developing long-term
and mutually beneficial relationships with the best affiliates in the business and cover all angles of the co-operation, including price, promotions, creative work, etc.

Content and Games Management

You will always have the latest, most popular, interesting and exciting games available on your website for all your players to enjoy.

New releases and promotional in-game tools will help you stay ahead of the competition. Our custom game selection is based on periodic reports, KPI analysis, game performances, market specifics, player preferences, player segmentation and Recomendation engine.

Content Placement. Personalized games grid. GIF animated icons. Game tags. Game recommendations for segmented player groups. Custom daily re-positioning of content.

Besides the smooth running games, your players should also encounter no difficulties during the following key processes of your operation:

  • Registration – one-time experience, but makes the first impression
  • Login – apart from playing the games, this is the most repeated step
  • Deposit – you want to make this as hassle-free as possible
  • Cashout – player’s long-term trust depends on it

We make sure all four processes are fast and simple so the players can focus on their fun. Processes like payments management, AML compliance and the KYC are all automated and in line with each particular jurisdiction’s requirements, ensuring an enjoyable experience for the player with zero delays and complications.

Customer Support

Since all players like to feel respected and appreciated, our support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and resolve issues, preferably in the player’s native language.

Our support style is based on proactive communication and a personal, yet focused approach. We get to know the players without being intrusive or pushy and manage to drive sales through the support by making player-adjusted individual and personalized communication.

Key points that guarantee player engagement and long-term satisfaction:

  • Appropriate personalized action at all points of interaction and player event: registration,
    login, birthday, deposit, change of address, change of depositing habits or amounts,
    withdrawal, VIP level change, preferred limits request, etc.
  • Making sure all procedures conform to relevant jurisdictions and directives, however
    complicated they may be.
  • Customer support centre with native speakers, active 24/7 through multiple channels, quick replies,
    accurate responses based on know-how, sales techniques and thorough data analysis.
  • Oryx proprietary and proactive live chat.

KYC process

This can be a complicated and uncomfortable process for players as well as operators. Performing due diligence, checking player documentation, proof of address, balance sheets, and other can be overwhelming if the team handling it doesn’t have the experience and the tools to do it properly.

We do.

Our friendly customer support staff makes the KYC process as easy on the player as possible. After the player uploads a document, a KYC expert reviews it, stores it safely (while conforming to relevant GDPR guidelines) and replies within an hour.

Anti Money Laundering
Safety. Transparency. Compliance.

When it comes to making sure the operation complies to AML laws and regulations, we cover all
regulations and have all the procedures in place.

If players display potentially fraudulent behaviour and violate AML rules, e.g. deposit money and withdraw it immediately, we contact them and request an explanation. When necessary, we deny their withdrawal request and ask them to make the minimum wagering. In more severe cases we report them to the respective authorities.

Payment, Risk and Fraud Management

Serving player needs, while ensuring player safety and data privacy.
A seamlessly running system for quick deposits and cash outs.

Deposit verification

Withdrawal verification

Wagering verification

Every player deposit, withdrawal and wager is checked automatically and if needed also manually, In order to minimize the chance of fraud, underage players’ participation and abuse of stolen payment methods or accounts.

Risk and fraud

You can rest assured that all your players and your operation are safe from various risk and fraud situations as we take preventive action and control of all payment operations.

We do that with the help of our proprietary Fraud rules settings, which are executed automatically upon each player’s withdrawal request. The players get flagged with the level of risk that applies to their profile, so that only the potentially problematic ones have to be analysed further by our Fraud and Risk Managers.

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