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Data is said to be one of the most significant raw materials in today’s industry. But just having a plethora of raw materials never guaranteed success, and data is not an exception. That is why the Oryx data analytics team designed a modern process that put all the data in the cloud and ensured speed and deeper insight for our clients.

Just having a lot of data is not enough. It’s much more the process of collecting it, cleaning it, refining it, and transforming it into presentable information that makes the difference. With the always increasing needs that come with business growth, it was Oryx’s strategic decision to re-evaluate our approach and consider moving to a cloud-based system.

The Oryx data analytics team modernized the processing of data and in the period of six months moved the Oryx Analytics platform entirely into the cloud. An exciting task not only made their job easier in the long run but enabled the whole company to process data into informative decisions. The step helped improve our clients’ results by getting more detailed insights faster and thus enabling better conclusions.

The ORYX Analytics platform is essentially a cloud-based data warehouse and it is part of both the iGaming platform and ORYX Hub products. It aims to tackle a wide array of topics exceeding basic reporting and dashboards. Its ambitions include dynamic player segmentation, targeting, fraud detection, alerting, and algorithmic data processing.

To do this, a solid foundation as a combination of hardware and software needs to be available.

Data security is ensured by Google and Oryx Gaming additionally developed processes and designed fail-safe data procedures.

Why move to the cloud?

It was a lengthy and well-weighted decision that led the data team to shift from an on-premise solution to Google’s BigQuery. The main reasons can be summed up as:

1. Data Access: Putting our clients’ data in the cloud-enabled us to give their analysts access to real-time data from numerous sources, allowing them to run better and faster analytics.

2. Scalability: It is much faster and less expensive to scale a cloud data warehouse than an on-premise system. It doesn’t require purchasing new hardware and the scaling can happen automatically as needed.

3. Performance: A cloud data warehouse allows for queries to be run much more quickly, at a lower cost.

4. Reliability and maintenance: Google’s cloud platform comes with a service-level agreement (SLA) promising a 99.99% availability.

5. Modularity: It allows us for ongoing agile development based on current customer needs.

What is Google BigQuery?

BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves the problems of storing and querying massive datasets being time-consuming and expensive without the right hardware and infrastructure by enabling super-fast SQL queries using the processing power of Google’s infrastructure.

Beyond the big decision – the project

When the drawing boards were full and the decision was made, the development started. Based on our previous experience and knowledge the product came together very quickly.

On one side everyone in the data engineering team ensured a steady continuous stream of near real-time data to be transferred into the cloud, and on the other side, in close cooperation with both an iGaming platform client and internal marketing teams, we developed the 1st data-marts (subsets of data carefully prepared for direct use by end-users) focusing on the main entities of the business. As the proverbial “cherry on top” we then also set up real-time reports, which dived into the specifics of the business.

As a result, we could brag about a fully working cloud data-warehouse on a live client, incorporating our platform data and external provider data.

And then …?

This wasn’t the end of the story; in fact, it was merely a beginning of “continuous improvement”, ”scaling” and “products and services”.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – Our in-house Campaign management software, back-integration with the platform, alerting system, monitoring system, 360-degree reporting, but also ventures into machine learning are just some of the more prominent uses.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – We strive to keep our solution at the front of the industry standards. All parts of the solution went through multiple iterations, each improving on the previous

SCALING – At the time of this writing we provide the solution to several clients, including Oryx managed iGaming platforms, aggregator clients, and game providers.

What can operators do with this product?

With the ORYX Analytics platform, the analytics are better and faster because of detailed information and because queries are run much more quickly. Cloud technology makes it possible to process terabytes of data in a matter of seconds, which is not even possible on a regular PC, or very expensive on regular databases.

The potential of sophisticated tools is enormous and rewarding. With the ORYX Analytics platform, operators can deep dive into the data and gain the insights needed for data-based decision-making.

Operations can develop:

  • advanced player segmentation,
  • loyalty schemes,
  • recommendations,
  • analyze game launch performance,
  • campaign results, etc.

I’m glad I am a part of the Oryx Data analytics team and that I could be a part of this transformation. It’s quite humbling to see the capabilities of cutting-edge technology, but it’s also very empowering to see what we can achieve by utilizing it.

Thus far, we can observe concrete results in added capabilities and shortening of the delivery times. We enabled our clients to quickly access their data, even from external sources they could not access before. This service is something we can now offer to both operators and game-providing partners.

In the coming months, we are looking to change our focus; not only are we going further with increasing capabilities, but we’re also venturing into driving retention activities via the data warehouse.

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