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DragonHack, the main student hacking event in Slovenia, is also one of our main ways to meet new developers’ talent, so Oryx Gaming was in the middle of the action, sponsoring the event the third year in a row.

DragonHack is an opportunity for students to practice their skills on practical software and hardware problems. This year the event was held online on the 22nd and 23rd of May, with teams working 24 hours straight. Companies supported them with mentorship and after the presentations of hacks chose the best teams in their categories. 

Oryx Gaming sponsored the Most readable code hack. Submitted hacks were judged by our mentors, Domen Kern and Igor Jurić, software developers with more than ten years of experience. Their criteria for most readable code were: is the code readable and runs all the tests, is it maintainable, understandable, contains no duplication, and minimizes the number of entities.

Domen Kern and Igor Jurić, Oryx Gaming mentors at DragonHack

The mentors were available for contestants during the weekend to offer them advice and they of course also chose the winners. The most readable code in their opinion was from a group of first-year students and Domen described the decision: “Winners of 2021 most readable code challenge, Bine, Nik and Marko from the team called 00010001, were chosen for their clearly structured and nicely commented project. The code is separated into logical units. Modules are separated into the front-end and back-end and all their underlying modules are also logically separate, so I can find what I am looking for simply by looking at the project structure. When we go into separate files/classes again things are logically ordered, well commented, and divided into small readable chunks. Method and variable names are meaningful and descriptive without being too long.

Congratulations to Bine, Nik and Marko from the team called 00010001, who won the Most readable code hack!

DragonHack must be known as well for the prizes as it is for the hacks. Companies go all out to attract contestants with interesting hacks and covetable prizes. Oryx Gaming awarded the winning team of the Most readable code hack, the 00010001 group, with portable projectors.

Congratulations to all the contesting teams, the winning teams, and of course the 00010001 group, who won the Most readable code hack. It is a pleasure to see the level of code the young teams can do on such short notice. Thank you to the DragonHack organizing team for a great platform for networking and meeting young bright minds!

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