When it is essential to recover long-lost knowledge and prevent the collapse of the environment, you want the best people on the job.

One is Dr Jeffrey Robertson, and the others are your trustworthy slot players who never back down from a challenge.

Book of Oasis Promotional video

Help them get acquainted, and together they can decrypt the Book of Oasis and retrieve the secrets to reverse climate change!

Game Type Video slot
Format 5 reels, 3 rows
RTP 96,15 %
Paylines 5, 10
Features 10 Free games
with a Bonus symbol

The lost secrets

Long ago, the world was much less complicated. It is believed that the ancients possessed the knowledge of equilibrium, the secrets of balance that helped people live in harmony with their environment.

Those secrets were written down on a series of scrolls and kept safe in the library of Alexandria. When a cataclysmic event destroyed the library, the scholars saved the scrolls and hid them in an underwater temple. The clues to the temple’s whereabouts are encrypted in the Book of Oasis.

Cracking its code has been an obsession of many adventurers.

Doctor Robertson

Dr Jeffrey Robertson is the main character of the story. He is a librarian and Egyptian history enthusiast. When he learned about the Book of Oasis and what it could unveil, he immediately dedicated himself to studying its content and recovering the long lost secrets.

He is currently in Egypt, solving the last clues, and here’s where your players can join him.

The power of the Book

The Book’s power is well translated into the game as the Book symbol is both Scatter and Wild.

As Scatter, it pays on its own up to 200 x total bet and triggers 10 Free games with a Bonus symbol. The Bonus symbol is randomly selected before the feature starts. It pays as scatter-per-payline and can generate big winnings, especially with the top paying symbols.

As Wild, it substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus symbol during free games.

Gaming for the Climate

Book of Oasis is the first GAMOMAT title participating in the “Gaming for the Climate” initiative. A portion of GAMOMAT’s – not operator’s or players’ – revenues generated from the game will go towards helping turn the tide of climate degradation. The initiative will also target abandoned ghost nets, plastic removal, collaborative projects with fishermen and delivering educational school programmes across the world.

Play your part in steering our planet towards a cleaner and greener future and make the Book of Oasis a prominent feature of your casino lobby.