Million Tree is a testament to Golden Hero’s originality. This is their first game tailored to the European market! How many 1-liners do you have in your casino? Exactly.

However, if you want to attract younger, smartphone-savvy players who don’t mind testing their luck on the go, you should be offering this game. Not that this means Million Tree won’t catch the attention of old-school slot players.
Let’s see why is that.

LIVE ON: 15.6.2021


Game Type Video slot
Format 3 reels, 1 row
RTP 96,50 %
Paylines 1
Game Code Desktop GHG_MILLION_TREE

The Tree of Life Giveth

Million Tree only has 4 symbols, but there’s a catch! The symbols only occupy every second position on the reels, which means reels also stop BETWEEN the symbols! Although the game pays for any combination of the 4 symbols, spins can end with no winning combinations.

Million Tree has a WILD and three regular symbols:

  • 3 WILD red rubies
    pay 111x the bet
    3 purple amethysts
    pay 44x the bet

  • 3 green emeralds
    pay 22x the bet

  • 3 blue sapphires
    pay 11x the bet

Any mixed combination of regular symbols pays 5x the bet.

The WILD ruby substitutes for all symbols and can feature a x2 multiplier. Therefore, three WILDS can also pay 222x, 444x, or top payout of 888x the bet, depending on the number of x2 multipliers on the three symbols.

Tempo Matters

Golden Hero knows well that different players enjoy different paces. Million Tree has three-speed modes that allow the players to adjust their gameplay experience:

The Turtle
is the slowest setting, taking a couple of seconds per spin and creating a bit of suspense that becomes a game of chance.

The Rabbit
speeds up the spinning of the reels a bit.

The Rocket
is for those who want nothing but a straight-up yes or no from Lady Fortuna – the results are instant!

Mysterious hints

With such a commanding slot face, details are easy to miss. But a keen eye will quickly notice the puzzling hints at mysterious features rolling at the bottom of the screen.

“Reels will respin when a win is not triggered and the wind blows.”

“Expect something special when the world tree shakes the reels.”

“WILD symbol can appear more frequently when lightning appears on the screen.”

“The fruit of happiness growing on the world tree brings wealth to the player.”

These features are not listed in the game rules and only add to Million Tree’s mysterious nature. Let your players figure out what they are about.